Often on a summer day my dad would take me fishing on the nearby pier. We would spend the entire day fishing until our cooler was overflowing with fish. My dad loved to fish and made sure we were never in need of more. Even the days when our cooler was “filled", he would talk about our next fishing trip and how we were going to get more.  As I grew up, I learned he was really planning for tomorrow by making sure we had plenty of fish on-hand.

Staffing sometimes can feel the same way as it’s hard to imagine recruiting when you have a full staff. Too often, hiring managers find themselves scrambling to fill a position if they unexpectedly lose a key employee or a lot of work comes in all at once. Most top companies have a proactive approach in building a pipeline and talent pool to be ready to recruit from once it’s time to hire. Even though you have a full staff, this may be the best time to locate candidates.

TDG has an abundance of qualified candidates available. Let TDG help you prepare for tomorrow by finding talented candidates.

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