There’s something zombie-like about unmotivated employees. They walk around with a glazed look in their eyes and zone out during meetings. They are unmotivated and as a result, they are unproductive.

Here are a few tips for turning your zombies into productive staff members:

Be a Leader – Share your vision for the business, so employees see where they fit in. The more people know, the more invested they are.

Acknowledge Hard Work – Stop by an employee’s desk to thank them for their contributions. People who feel appreciated work harder.

Provide Training –  Determine individual career goals and then offer training courses that help them develop the skills and knowledge they seek. This sends the message that you’re truly interested in helping them to realize their potential.

Offer Flexible Hours – Stick to sensible office hours, understanding that we all have families and other personal issues.  If working overtime is an occasional necessity, acknowledge employees’ efforts by offering time off on another day.

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