When was the last time you evaluated your organization’s talent pool? Periodic review of employee performance and engagement is critical to maintaining a productive staff. If it’s been too long since the last evaluation, you may find some ghosts and ghouls lurking in the corridors.  Here are some tips for clearing out the cobwebs in your company’s workforce:

Implement Mentorship Programs
If an employee floats about like a wandering spirit in the night, perhaps they are unsure about their expertise and skill level for the tasks they have been assigned. Working with a top-producing mentor may breathe life back into their confidence and performance.

Offer Constructive Feedback
If an employee hasn’t received a review or evaluation since they began working at your organization, they may be going through the motions with little inspiration or enthusiasm. Motivate and encourage the zombie employee by offering detailed feedback on the areas where they excel, as well as areas where new goals can be set and achieved.

Implement Incentives and Recognition
Instituting an Employee of the Month award or offering recognition for a specific accomplishment is a simple solution that improves morale. A grumpy ghoul can turn into a charming prince when efforts are recognized.

Hiring new talent can be filled with tricks as well as treats.  If you need positions filled, you can rely on The Daniel Group’s recruitment process to weed out the goblins and ghouls. Our experts qualify the best and brightest candidates that will fit into your organization’s culture, and we stand behind our work with a One-Year Replacement Guarantee.

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