Did you know hiring during the summer months could be a great strategy?

If you remove seasonal workers, high school kids, and college internships, the summer months have not typically been the most active time for hiring. However, in today’s market, HR managers and recruiters are finding that there is no longer a slow season when it comes to seeking out and attracting talent. In addition to covering the summer schedules of workers on vacations, employers are also trying to fill regular positions throughout the year. Whether it’s temporary workforce to cover vacationing staff or long-term hires for ongoing positions, recruiting in the summer requires a slightly different approach. If you are a job-seeker, knowing the motivation behind summer hiring can place you above other candidates. Here some tips regarding summer employment:

Evaluate gaps in the summer workforce

Each summer, managers are invariably confronted with a last-minute deluge of vacation requests which leaves the team periodically shorthanded from June through September. Managers should create a vacation calendar and a backup list for everyone on the team in anticipation of summer absences. Identify the gaps in your workforce and decide how many temporary, contract or new hires will be needed to keep the operation running smoothly.

Candidate Tip: Were you otherwise qualified for a position, but an employer turned you down because they already filled the spot? The summer may be another opportunity to reconnect since companies often find themselves shorthanded.

Hire for future needs

The first quarter of 2018 saw historically low unemployment rates and an ever-tightening job market. Many executives are optimistic that this momentum will continue and even more jobs will be created. If you bring on temporary staff to cover summer gaps, calculate your future talent needs and consider offering continued employment after the summer is over.

Candidate Tip: Even if your goal is to secure a full-time job, don’t discount a part-time or temporary position. In today’s competitive market, a temporary job may become permanent.

Adjust your messaging

Summer is often a time when workers decide to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Even if they are currently employed, many can’t resist the temptation to peruse job boards and company websites to see what others are offering. Freshen up your career messaging, showcase the corporate culture and be sure that your content is mobile-friendly.

Candidate Tip: If you are looking for a better opportunity in a different organization, a recruiting professional can help you identify and approach potential employers.

Interview efficiently and hire quickly

It’s important to keep the hiring process as efficient as possible. An organization that takes weeks from initial contact to final offer has a far less chance of securing talent than companies that move quickly. Remove barriers such as multiple levels of approval, repeated face-to-face interviews and decisions by committee.

Candidate Tip: Letting a prospective employer know that you can start immediately may increase your chances of someone who needs a few weeks before they can begin working

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