These tips can help you recruit and retain workers in a tight job market.


In addition to being more creative, many recruiting professionals and HR managers are encouraging employers to reevaluate some long-held standards that may be hindering their search efforts.


Rethink red flags

Job-hopping, employment gaps and career regressions used to send resumes directly into the trash bin.  However, those candidates might be worth a second look. In the past, candidates with long tenure were considered dependable, and job-hoppers were viewed as flighty. After the 2009 recession and the advent of the gig-economy, employers must rethink whether job-hopping is indeed a reason to dismiss a potential hire. The same goes for gaps in employment or career regressions. These were once automatic disqualifiers, but many employees take time off to raise a family or to care for aging parents. Others have opted for less demanding work to manage their work-life balance. A staffing agency that retains data on past candidates may be able to assist in identifying talented individuals who were previously disqualified for reasons that are no longer valid.

Bump up benefits

Today’s tight labor market has employers going above and beyond to recruit and retain the workers they need. However, even sky-high salaries aren’t always enough to keep workers in jobs. For example, in the Permian Basin, where six-figure wages and numerous perks abound, employers are still challenged to retain workers due to local housing shortages, family relocations, and working conditions.

Major players have upgraded benefits packages to include things like increased days off that workers can allocate as needed, more paid weeks off for maternal and paternal leave, on-site childcare facilities, and healthcare coverage from day one. An experienced recruiter will know what benefits are trending in the market, and what will attract the most candidates.

Deepen Diversity

When it comes to diversity, employers should signal that they are open to and supportive of hiring regardless of race, gender, beliefs, or disabilities. Research shows that many people with disabilities can be just as productive as their non-disabled counterparts and the cost of accommodating them in the workplace is often minimal. Organizations can contact the Department of Labor’s Job Accommodation Network, which offers free consulting on hiring and employing people with disabilities.

Look outside the industry

An employer seeking candidates only from within its industry may be overlooking good sources of talent. For example, the military is a sector that produces disciplined workers with a range of technical and leadership skills, as well as desirable credentials, such as a commercial driver’s license. Some recruiters have worked to establish contact with veterans as they leave the service and enter the private sector.

Recognize and reward your top talent

It is important to recruit and retain employees in order to avoid a revolving door.  Numerous studies and surveys have indicated that one of the most critical factors in retention is engagement. Companies must recognize and reward their workers on an ongoing basis to foster employee engagement. Recognize your employees by publicly praising them when they do something that deserves attention. Reward them with a corporate gift, a raise, or a bonus. The rewards don’t have to be extravagant, but they must be genuine and consistent.

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