Improve your team by hiring veterans

The 2018 midterm elections saw 77 Democrat and Republican military veterans win seats across the country, making it the largest class of freshman veteran lawmakers since 2010.

Military veterans, having completed extensive training and tours of duty, bring much to the table when they return to civilian life. For hiring managers across many professions and industries, adding veterans to the organization goes beyond filling gaps in the workforce. Many veterans return from duty with transferable skills and ingrained qualities which make them a valuable addition to any team:

Veterans are quick to learn and adapt: 
Military training has honed their ability to learn new skills and concepts quickly. In the workplace, this translates to a team member who readily adapts to changing environments, seeks out ongoing training and applies acquired knowledge effectively.

Veterans can lead as well as follow:
From the time they enter service, veterans are trained to become good followers and also to be ready to take on leadership responsibilities. Managers can be confident that a veteran will understand and respect the organization’s hierarchy and transition smoothly to a leadership role when needed.

Veterans have teamwork skills:
Military veterans are taught the importance of teamwork as a matter of survival. They understand the dynamics of working together to achieve a singular goal. Since much of the professional world is based on teamwork and collaboration, veterans are well-suited to this mindset.

Veterans are safety-conscious:
Workplace safety is a priority for many organizations, and there is no better training ground than the military. Following safety rules and regulations is second nature to veterans, and they are keenly aware of any hazards that present a danger to themselves or their colleagues.  Veterans are highly sought after in industries that focus on worker safety.

Veterans excel under pressure: 
Serving in the military is ranked as one of the most stressful jobs, and personnel are expected to perform under extreme pressure, tight deadlines, limited resources, and trying conditions, all while judging priorities and accomplishing goals. Their ability to remain cool and rational under stress make them a good fit for fast-paced industries and jobs with rigid deadlines.

Veterans are tech savvy:
A significant number of returning veterans are Generation X or Millenials, for whom rapidly changing technology is the norm. Many of today’s service members have worked with the most technologically advanced equipment in the world, and their skills can be applied to cybersecurity, IT or other tech-related jobs outside the military.

Veterans are results-oriented:
Veterans are trained to assess situations, devise a plan of action, clearly communicate it and then execute.  Afterward, they evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and identify ways to improve the plan in the future. This approach is a valuable mindset in the modern agile workforce.

The Daniel Group is honored to support the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. We qualify the best and brightest candidates that will fit into your organization’s culture, and we stand behind our work with a One-Year Replacement Guarantee.

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