Here’s how partnering with a staffing firm can help you improve your bottom line and productivity in 2019. 

Companies of all sizes and across all industries turn to staffing firms to help them find candidates or provide temporary staff on short notice. However, working with a staffing company shouldn’t be limited to a panicked call when a receptionist phones in sick or a last-ditch effort to find seasonal workers. When you consider placement services as an integral component of your business strategy, partnering with the right staffing firm can improve your bottom line and productivity in several ways:

Reduced Hiring Costs

In this era of razor-thin margins and uncertain market conditions, a staffing firm can save substantial hard costs such as payroll processing, benefits administration, unemployment and workers’ compensation. Employees contracted through staffing firms are covered by that firm and not your company which allows your organization the flexibility to respond to market changes and ramp up or pull down quickly, without incurring additional expenses.

One Stop Shopping

Working with a single staffing agency can allow you to solve a host of staffing-related challenges with one phone call or email. If you forge a partnership with your staffing firm, you will have access to a seasoned professional who knows the market and industry, as well as your company’s hiring goals and culture. Think of your staffing agency as an extension of your internal HR staff and actively participate in the partnership relationship to ensure your goals are met.

Streamline the hiring process

By working through a staffing firm, you can skip the time and labor-intensive process of advertising job openings, sorting through resumes, and interviewing candidates. Staffing agencies maintain a pool of qualified candidates who are ready for a career move and have undergone a stringent screening process. Your staffing partner can quickly source, screen, and prepare candidates for a final interview, which saves considerable time. Inform your staffing partner when you update a job description or if you need to change or delay an order, so they can adjust their search to ensure your hiring goals are met quickly and efficiently.

Act as a third party advisor

Partnering with a staffing firm provides up to the minute access to recruiting and hiring expertise on all facets of employment: trends, market conditions, industry standards and best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent. Some staffing firms will advise on human resources issues, employee engagement practices, and may offer recruitment coaching for non-HR managers.

Try before you buy

Many staffing firms offer a trial period before an offer of employment is extended. A trial period allows the opportunity to evaluate the potential employee’s skills, personality and professionalism to see if they fit in your corporate culture. Managers can reduce the risk of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit, therefore increasing the chances of long-term retention.

At The Daniel Group, we strive to partner with companies and candidates to bring about the best employment results. We qualify the best and brightest candidates that will fit into your organization’s culture, and we stand behind our work with a One-Year Replacement Guarantee.

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