Are you staffing up in the fourth quarter? You are not alone.

Many U.S. companies plan to hire at the end of the year. Some need to ease worker shortages, while others want to complete fourth-quarter projects and prepare for next year. Employers will face fierce competition since job seekers have lots of options in this candidate-driven market. Right now, there are more open jobs than workers. Here are some tips for successful Q4 hiring:

Start Now

Gauge your Q4 needs as soon as possible. Don’t wait until October to start looking. The earlier you start, the better your chances to find qualified candidates. Many workers are more open to job changes after summer ends, and kids return to school. Waiting even a few extra weeks will shrink your pool of potential workers. If you are hiring staff to help finish year-end projects, be sure to factor in time for onboarding and training.

Spread the Word

Let everyone know that you will be hiring for Q4! Update your website and social media platforms. Refresh job descriptions and skills. Start an employee referral program. Speak with a staffing company and let them know what your needs are. The more people you tell, the more candidates you will reach.

Assess Skills Gaps

Don’t be tempted to hire the first available workers to fill empty slots. Knowing your organization’s skills gap will help you build a strong workforce. Review the skill sets that your organization needs. Compare your needs to the skills your workers have. In today’s market, it’s hard to find someone with all the skills. Think about hiring someone who can be trained quickly.

Train Immediately

If you hire workers in the fourth quarter, start training right away. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the new year. When workers get training and support, they become more devoted to your company. Training builds loyalty, increases employee satisfaction, and lowers turnover rates.

Use It or Lose It

Unspent money might vanish from next year’s budget. Use leftover recruiting or hiring dollars before the end of the year. Hiring temporary or seasonal workers can increase your Q4 workforce without ongoing admin and benefits costs.

Try Before You Buy

Many new hires do not work out. Some are unsuited to the tasks; others don’t fit the company culture. Avoid the risk and expense of a bad hire. Bring on temporary workers during the fourth quarter and see if they are a good match before making a permanent offer.

Get Help

If your company does not have a hiring strategy, try working with a staffing firm. Seasoned professionals can offer a range of solutions. They may suggest hiring skilled temporary workers to ease year-end workloads and prevent your team from burning out. Are you looking for permanent workers? A staffing expert can streamline the process and save time and money.

“Companies don’t want cookie-cutter solutions,” says Jared Daniel, president of The Daniel Group. “They want something that is tailored to their unique needs, whether it’s temporary workers, temp-to-perm, or some other combination of talent.”

The Daniel Group is ready to help you find solutions to your staffing challenges. We qualify the best candidates to fill your company’s needs. The Daniel Group stands behind our work with a One-Year Replacement Guarantee!

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